We’ve teamed up with Whites Farm Supply and James Wesley to ‘Thank a Farmer‘ at FrogFest.  We’ve been asking you to nominate farmers who deserve recognition and 2 will be James Wesley’s special guests at FrogFest June 15th. Today we recognize the Donahoe farm in Clayville, especially Rick Donahoe who was nominated three times.


Jeff and Audrey Donahoe Nomination
First of all we are dairy farmers and we would like to thank you for such a well deserved tribute to our industry! We own and operate a fifth generation dairy farm in Clayville, NY where we raised our six children and PROUDLY serve our industry and provide a healthy and nutritious product for consumers every day of the year! We would like to nominate our 21 year old son Rick Donahoe. He is an inspiration to our entire family! From the young age of 5 Rick has always been very active and interested in the farm. He always told us 'I am gonna be a farmer.' Last year Rick completed college and has joined us on the farm and is now a sixth generation family farmer.

The part that makes us proud of Rick is his determination and passion for keeping the family farm going with such an optimistic outlook for the future of farming! His enthusiasm re-sparked our every day outlook of our farm business and gave us the true meaning back of why we have farmed for so many years. Among many attributes to the community and the fact that we feed America, the true satisfaction of caring for our animals and taking care of our land is why we are proud to say 'we are America's farmers!' With the farming age getting older every year it sure is refreshing to have some young blood step up to the challenge of what it takes to feed the world!


From one farmer to another we certainly thank Rick Donahoe for keeping our family farm going on for another generation! He is a very deserving recipient to be up on that stage and be recognized!

Cami Mae Nomination
I would like to thank Rick Donahoe. Rick is the most determined and strong willed farmer I know! he really enjoys what he does and doesn't seem to look at it like its his job or his duty to be a farmer. Its his way of life. There really isn't anything else he'd rather do.

Amy Murphy Nomination
We are long time family friends. I grew up on a farm also, and showed cows at the Herkimer County Fair with some of Jeff's sisters, all very much still involved with the dairy industry. They have been featured a lot in the last several years including being on the TV show Wife Swap. Audrey works hard on several local, state, and national dairy advisory commitees. They are devoted to one another as well as to the success of their farm. Their son Rick, a college student, spends his weekends home working on the farm. They have a total of 6 children but Rick is the one with a main interest and involvement with the farm.

The Donahoe family is introduced on Wife Swap at the 5:08 mark.  While watching the clip, I realized I actually watched this episode.

Thank you to the Donahoe family and Rick Donahoe for what you do everyday. We’ll put you in the random drawing to be James Wesley’s special guests at FrogFest June 15th, so he can ‘Thank a Farmer.’