After taking my cat Milo to the vet this morning I learned something I've never heard of: Cats and Dogs can have anorexia. Can you believe that?

It's a pretty crazy idea thinking your cat may have anorexia, but actually, it's a lot more common than you think.

We took Milo to the vet this morning after he's refused to eat for the past two days. Earlier this week he ended up throwing up some dog food he ate, and since then he's seemed to be a little off. We were worried so took the little guy in and our vet diagnosed him with Cat Anorexia. All I kept thinking was... WHAT???

Anorexia is a "medical term" used for lack of appetite.

Many times, anorexia has a simple explanation. Any stressful situation can cause a pet to eat less. When the stress leaves, or the pet becomes accustomed to it, appetite returns."

To read more on different signs of pet anorexia, you can check out this very helpful article.

Our vet gave us one very good theory on why Milo has this. When Milo at the dog food, he threw up. In his mind he might thing every time he eats, he'll throw up again. That's why we think he stopped eating. Pretty crazy calling it anorexia, but it makes sense!

Got to love science.