Dogs and cats get along most of the time. However a stray dog in South Carolina went above and beyond "getting along" in adopting and even nursing a small kitten. The heart tugging story began when an animal control officer came across a small Shih-Tzu mix dog in a tangle of bushes. What she saw next is astounding.

Animal control officer Michelle Smith was shocked to see a tiny kitten nursing under the dog, something rarely, if ever, seen. News10, San Diego reports that the unlikely duo are inseparable.

The dog and the kitten nap together and eat together, and when they are bored with that they stare at each other. When the kitten walks too close to the edge of their opened cage, her surrogate mother picks her up by the nape of her neck and carries her back to the safety of their small bed.

via 10News - Dog found lost in South Carolina nurses, nurtures month-old kitten - - News.

Check out the video and, please, have a tissue handy as we wouldn't want the tears to drop into your keyboard.

If the dog's owner does not come forward with verification within 14 days it will be put up for adoption. Hopefully, the owner or adopter will also take the kitten.




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