Every year Dierks Bentley takes part in his own Polar Bear Plunge. This year he was in Florida and the lake he planned to jump in was filled with alligators. Being forced to improvise, Dierks sat in a plastic pool while his band poured cold water and bags of ice over his head.

Last year, Dierks was also in Florida. He teamed up with Capitol One to raise money for charity, jumping in Orlando's Lake Eola

Dierks believes the polar plunge brings him good luck in the New Year. I believe it just brings hypothermia, but to each his own.

Are you crazy enough to try a polar plunge? You can join Dierks next year! Just sign up at DierksBentley.com.

Dierks can get warm in February when he takes part in Tropical Night: Boots in the Sand, a country music getaway to Mexico.  Get your tickets, now on sale.

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