Earlier this week, Dierks Bentley let his fans know about his good buddy, up-and-coming country singer Nick Malloy, who was seriously injured in a car accident near Macon, Ga. The 23-year-old spent time in surgery and was still hospitalized on Thursday when his family turned on CMT.

According to Matt Malloy’s Twitter page, the singer was just beginning to wake up from the sedation and responded when Bentley’s ‘Home’ music video came on the television. “@NickMalloy is starting to wake up from his sedation, mom had cmt on & @DierksBentley came on & mom said nick its dierks & nick blinked,” he shared. Matt, presumably the young singer’s brother, added that the stir was “one of Nick’s first movements” that day.

Bentley further expressed his sympathies upon hearing the news. “@Mmalloy8 that is great news dude. me and all the guys have been pretty messed about nick. let’s us know if we can help in anyway.” Bentley had just seen Malloy at a show days before the scary accident on I-75.

WMAZ reports that Malloy fell asleep at the wheel around 2AM and woke up as his car was sliding off the road. He overcorrected his vehicle, veered down an embankment and hit a culvert, which caused the car to flip before hitting two small trees. He’s said to be recovering at the Medical Center of Central Georgia.