Dierks Bentley is making the TV rounds, promoting his new album 'Riser.' While on Watch What Happen Live, Bentley plays 'Plead the Fifth,' a game where he's asked 3 really tough questions and he can either answer or plead the fifth. Bentley wants to answer all three, but has a tough time, especially when asked 'who's the most over-rated in country music?'

Question 1 - Who is the biggest jerk in country music?
Answer - 'Blake Shelton of course.' Dierks was kidding and tried to think of someone who has died, so he wouldn't get in trouble. Instead, he said 'Blake is the best jerk in country music, because he's Blake.'

Question 2 - What was the filthiest picture you received after accidentally posting your personal email address online?
Answer - 'Honestly, I have not had any pictures at all.'

Question 3 - Who is the most over-rated country music star?
Answer - 'Gosh, you're going into my background in country music where we're all so friendly. This is terrible.' After hemming and hawing and refusing to plead the fifth, Dierks finally answers with 'It's one of those characters on the show 'Nashville,' Hayden.'

Bentley was talking about Hayden Panettiere, who plays Juliette Barnes on 'Nashville.'

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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