Dick Van Dyke is okay, but his Jaguar wasn't as lucky after it caught fire on a L.A. freeway. Luckily a passing motorist pulled Van Dyke from the car that burst into flames after having engine problems.

Van Dyke's wife Arlene posted a video of the burnt out car on Twitter saying 'He's fine thank God!!'

Van Dyke may have lost his car but he didn't lose his sense of humor, Tweeting:

No word on who the good Samaritan was who saved Van Dyke. I'm sure his efforts were rewarded and appreciated.

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A police officer is never off-duty. Justin Rogers, a California cop, was on his way home from a vacation in Hawaii when he came to the rescue of a TSA worker. The female TSA worker was being attacked when Rogers jumped the security tape, in his sock feet, and tackled the other woman to the ground before handcuffing her.