Although we didn't see locals Ethan Harris or Kaitlyn Jackson, we did seem some great talent as Hollywood week began on 'American Idol.'  From Dexter Roberts, who asked Keith Urban play his guitar to single father Casey Thraser who sang one of the greatest country songs of all time.

New Twist

Hollywood week began with a twist, as the contestants were taken to an airport hanger. Some were asked to sing again before heading to Hollywood. After the auditions, the singers were split in two groups and placed on buses. One went to Hollywood and the other, back to the airport.

Farmhand and truck driver Dexter Roberts had the judges groovin' to 'Barton Hollow' and even got Keith Urban to jam on his guitar.  'Just another day at the office; kickin' back with JLo, listening to Keith play. It's all good,' according to Harry Connick Jr.

Dexter Roberts 'Barton Hollow'

Single father Casey Thrasher almost moved the judges to tears with the late George Jones' 'He Stopped Loving Her Today,' and had Keith calling it 'the greatest country song, right there.' Idol viewers agreed:

Casey Thrasher 'He Stopped Loving Her Today'

CJ Harris put his soul into 'Trouble' and had no trouble sailing through to the next round.

CJ Harris 'Trouble'

The women are going to love Spencer Lloyd, young and old.  He's not only good looking with fantastic eyes, he can sannng.  JLo agreed after his performance of 'Say Something' at the piano.

Spencer Lloyd 'Say Something'

Majesty Rose York wants to inspire the world with her voice and I have a feeling she'll be doing just that for a while on Idol. Majesty is emerging as a front runner, 'Oh my God, I love her,' JLo was heard whispering after her performance of '1234'

Majesty Rose York '1234'

The dreaded group round began and performances begin tonight on Fox at 8. Hopefully we'll get to hear Ethan and Kaitlyn, who are still in Hollywood.


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