Despite having a #1 hit, David Nail is battling depression.  It's something he's been dealing with his entire life.

Nail tells Country Vibe, 'To be honest and blunt as I can possibly be, I’ve been depressed my entire life.' He says 'It came to a head a couple years ago when ‘Let It Rain’ hit the top of the charts and I just wasn’t happy. To be perfectly honest with you, I just bottomed out.'

Counseling over the years, 'expensive medicine,' and changes in his personal life have helped Nail 'learn not to take life so serious and to kind of enjoy it.'

It's hard to understand how someone with so much good going on in their life could be so low, unless they've dealt with depression themselves.  It's nice to hear Nail is getting the help he needs to appreciate what he has and how good life can be.

Nail's 'Whatever She's Got' reached #1 from his 'I'm a Fire' album, out March 4th.

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