Dateline recalled the night Sugarland's stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair, the heroes who emerged and the victims who are still recovering.

Andrea Voss Vellinga suffered a traumatic brain injury and has come a long way since that fateful night on August 13, 2011. She had surgery to replace a portion of her skull missing since the accident. Dateline focused on her amazing recovery, along with 3 year-old Maggie Mullen, who's arm was almost severed in the collapse. She's made a full recovery thanks to the efforts of strangers who rushed in to help.

Not every story had a happy ending. Dateline told the story of 24-year-old Meagan Toothman, who died from injuries she suffered in the collapse.

The special was hard to watch. I can't imagine living through it. My heart goes out to everyone involved. From the victims to those who rushed back in to help.

Watch as fans rush to the stage after it's collapse to help the victims.

Listen to first responders recall the devastating tragedy and rescue efforts.

The case went to trial last month as the 60 people affected, had their day in court.