We may be a long way away from golf season in Central New York, but the stars teed it up for charity at the Pro-Am Celebrity Challenge in Pebble Beach.  Darius Rucker had the honors of the first shot of the day.  A shot he shanked into the crowd and off a spectators head.  Luckily no one was hurt.  Darius wan't alone.  6 other balls flew into the gallery throughout the day from other celebs.  Rucker was paired with actor Kevin Costner and they won six thousand dollars for their causes.
Thank goodness Darius has a music career to fall back on, and his concert audience won't have to worry about being hit with a flying object.
Actually, he's a pretty good golfer.  His best round is 72. 

Clay Walker is also putting his golf skills to the test.  He's part of the actual Pro-Am tournament, with round one getting underway today.  He's spent the past few days practicing and it looks like he's been working on his sand game.  Let's hope he can stay out of the traps today. 

The Golf Channel will have coverage today and tomorrow.  CBS will air the tournament Saturday and Sunday