DARIUS RUCKER'S hit 'Wagon Wheel' is a cover of a Bob Dylan song, remade by the bluegrass group OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW.  But his version is getting some racist criticism on Twitter.

Darius has been giving both Dylan and Old Crow Medicine Show props on Twitter for letting him sing the song.


But some racist coward didn't think Darius had the right to record the song at all. The idiot sent Darius a Tweet and Darius fired back:

He had a tough time letting it go too. A little while later he hit up Twitter again


The original Tweet and account from the handle 'pqkullman' has been deleted.  I bet the person heard a lot of backlash from Darius Rucker fans and the country music community.  If the person had enough nerve to post something like that, they must suffer the consequences, right?

If Old  Crow Medicine Show doesn't have a problem with Darius singing their song, why should anyone else.  They even invited Darius to sing with them at the Grand Ole Opry.  As he said, if you don't like it, don't listen!  Just keep your racist comments to yourself.