Can you imagine getting so mad over dog poop to the point where you're going to kill someone? That happened in Dallas sadly.

Chung Kim, whose 76 years old, totally lost it after his two neighbors repeatedly let their dog’s droppings drip onto his property from their balcony.

Reuters reports. He first shot Michelle Jackson as she stood on her balcony above his, then went upstairs and shot her boyfriend, Jamie Stafford.

Court records show that the couple let their dog relieve himself on their balcony, but then swept the excreta off their porch and onto Kim’s.

So instead of maybe just filing a complaint, Kim decided to kill them. How crazy is that? What is wrong with people! I get angry over pet droppings sometimes but not enough to ever ever ever consider murder.

Needless to say He faces an automatic sentence of life in prison without parole.


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