Our 'Cute Kid' of the day is an aspiring country singer who is getting some big name support.  11 year old Alana Springsteen has been working with Kristian Bush of Sugarland to score a record deal in Nashville.  She may not have a deal yet, but she's already being put in the spotlight.  During a recent Sugarland show, Bush called Alana on stage to help sing the song that got everything started for the band, 'Baby Girl.'

Although the Virginia Beach performance was Alana’s debut experience with Sugarland, she has sung for some big crowds in the past. The young musician even once performed the National Anthem at Chicago’s Wrigley Field.

She recently wrote a song with Bush and his brother, Brandon, which could appear on her debut album. You may want to remember the name Alana Springsteen because it sounds like she's well on her way to a successful future.

Watch Alana Springsteen Sing ‘Baby Girl’ With Sugarland