So what's creepier than Craigslist? Craigslist missed connections for Rome NY. Check out this gem:

Hook up couple in Rome roughly 9 years ago - m4w (Rome)

I am looking for the couple I use to play with and we also went to a party at turning stone with another group. I was the only male with you and about 4 other couples. This was around 9 years ago give or take a year. I would love to get in touch with you again. Please get in touch"

Not creepy at all right? Well, if you hooked up with some random stranger 9 years ago, this is your guy.

roulette table at turning stone - m4w (ts casino)

I am looking for the beautiful redhead woman playing roulette. you had on sweat pants, blue shirt with a cover jacket. We talked a few times at the table. You had a white watch on. There were two guys at the table winning and kept saying they wanted to leave and get drinks. Please email me if this is you. "

Were you lucky to win, and get this babe?

At Target I had old car you had silver four door target - m4w (New hartford)

When I was leaving target today in my old car I saw you get out your silver four door and walk past my car and I smiled and you smiled back! I thought you were an attractive woman.What car was I driving? You will probably never see this..."

She probably will never see this.

hot blonde in line at mr smoothie - m4w (New Hartford)

I saw you in line yesterday at Mr smoothie,you were blonde had a nice pair of tightly fitted blue jeans with an incredible BUTT.I saw you touch your BUTT, you were very sexy as I walked past,I saw your face and you seen me.If you see you'll know its you,Tell me what did I looked like?Smoothie sometime?"

I love how he just asked out a girl to Mr. Smoothie.... I forgot that was a "hangout" now.

Girl in deli line at walmart - m4w - 34 (New Hartford)

age : 34

Looking for the redhead that was in the deli line on Wednesday, March 12 about 11:30 am. We shared a few glances & smiles. Unfortunately i was in a hurry & had to leave or i would have stayed & talked to you. This is probably a long shot. Email me & tell me what color jacket i was wearing & what kind of hat i had on. I would love to take you to dinner sometime."

They shared a few glances and smiles while buying meat.....soul mates.