American Idol traveled to Texas and may have found another country star with Skylar Brown. She's among the top 5 moments from the Houston auditions.

  • Skylar Laine

    Hell on Heels

    Skylar Laine is a spitfire. The Texas native is an outdoorsy girl who enjoys hunting. She even has a deer head on her bedroom wall. She reminded me of Miranda Lambert and ironically sang 'Hell on Heels' by the Pistol Annies.

  • Baylie Brown

    Bed of Roses

    Baylie Brown is proof that when at first you don't succeed, try again. She was sent home from Hollywood 5 years ago when she tried out. She sailed through after singing 'Bed of Rose,' but will she last in Hollywood this time around.

  • Cortez Shaw

    Someone Like You

    Cortez Shaw, shined with Adele's 'Someone Like You.' Jennifer Lopez said, 'Ah, so that's what that song sounds like.' The teen has had a rough life, which will touch viewers and he pretty easy on the eyes. Can his voice match his story?

  • Kristine Osorio

    One and Only

    Kristine Osorio, a new single mother of three, took her last chance auditioning for Idol. She's at the age limit and can't try out next year. Lucky for her, she made it through with Adele's 'One and Only.'

  • Ramiro Garcia

    Amazing Grace

    The highlight of the night came from Ramiro Garcia who was born without ears. Doctors said he'd never hear or speak. Several years and surgeries later, Ramiro could not only hear and speak, he could sing. Oh boy, could he sing.