Forbes is out with its "World's Most Powerful Celebrities" list and Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith and Tim McGraw made it.

The interesting part about the list is, it's divided the celebrities into not only power ranking, but also money rank, their TV/Radio rank, press rank, web rank and social rank.

So, for Swift, she made 7 out of the 100 celebrities. She made 33 for money ranking with $45 million and she ranked 14 for TV/radio.

As for Toby Keith, he ranked 51 out of the 100 celebrities, but ranked higher than Swift with his money ranking. For money, Keith came in at 27 with $50 million and 78 for TV/radio.

Brad Paisley came in at 48 out of 100 and Tim McGraw ranked 61 out of the 100 celebrities.

For the entire list, click here for a link to the Forbes's list.