He wasn't as well known as Waylon and Willie, but Tompall Glaser was one of the original country singers of the famed "Outlaw Movement" of the '70's.  Glaser died at his Nashville home following a long illness earlier today.  He was 57.  So who was Tompall Glaser?  Click to find out and watch the Glaser Brothers' final live performance.First of all, his name was Thomas Paul Glaser.  One would suspect the southern pronunciation led to it becoming Tompall.  He was a singer, writer and studio owner who partnered with his brothers to form Tompall and The Glaser Brothers.  They began providing background vocals for Marty Robins.

When country music began to lose the honky tonk sound, Glaser and many others formed the "Outlaw" country sound made famous by WIllie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Hank Jr. and many others.   Glaser was part of country music's 1st million selling album, "Wanted!, The Outlaws."  While the album featured songs that had already been released it still hit #1 on the country charts and #10 on the pop charts.   The album showcased; Glaser, Willie, Waylon and Jessi Colter.

Glaser's biggest hit as a solo artist was "Put Another Log On The Fire."  Check out the song below and The Glaser Brother's final performance at the Opry.

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