Most of us will be taking vacations during the "Frog Days Of Summer", and when it's only few days away, you want to make sure that you're good to go. I'll be going on vacation later this summer, so other than packing, getting the oil changed in the car, and getting things done ahead at work, my main mission is to stay healthy!

Can you imagine getting a summer cold just before "getting out of Dodge" for your vacation week? Or, how about twisting an ankle or getting a stomach flu. No way! So, all I can advise you is if you have a vacation coming up soon:

1. Keep your distance from people who have colds or stomach flu.

2. Watch your step.

3. Eat plenty of chicken soup,

and don't overstress yourself on the job trying to get five days worth of work done in one.

And then, as Jimmy Buffet would say, "You need a holiday"!