A new law regulating window tint goes into effect this month. But there's a petition for Governor Cuomo to repeal the law.

When you bring your car in for a NYS Inspection, your windows will be tested as well. If your tinted windows block more than 30% of sunlight, it won't pass. It's primarily on the front windows. If you have back windows tinted but have adequate "outside" rear-view mirrors, you'll probably be all right.

Lots of drivers and auto businesses are upset with the new law. There are already laws in place to fine drivers who's view is impaired. So do we really need this new law or is it just more unnecessary bureaucracy?

You can express your dissatisfaction in a petition at Change.org that wants Governor Cuomo to repeal the law. There are over 6300 signatures already, but it needs 7500 to deliver the message to the Governor.