College is some of the best years you'll have in life. So it's important to choose the right school.  Forbes ranked the Top Colleges of 2013 and a number of New York schools made the list, including a few in our backyard.

#19 Cornell University in Ithaca

Cornell University

#27 Vassar College in Poughkeepsie

Vassar College

#36 Colgate University in Hamilton

Colgate University

#47 Hamilton College in Clinton

Hamilton College

#58 Union College in Schenectady

Union College

#56 NYU


#61 University of Rochester

University of Rochester

Matt Damon Attends College Orientation With Nephew

Matt Damon made waves when he showed up to the University of Nebraska's Lincoln campus orientation July 10th. He was there to support Ismail Jackson, his nephew and a South Florida football prospect. Not only did Damon attend the orientation, without any entourage or security, he stopped to talk and take pictures with fans.