Never get between a man and his snowman. Meet James of Colorado who attacked two teens, who allegedly knocked over his snowman.

I feel his pain, I would be angry too! James built the snowman in front of his mobile home and became a little outraged when he saw it was damaged. So did he handle things like a 22 year old? Nope.

James grabbed a pool stick and barged into his neighbor's home where he punched the 16- and 17-year-old in their faces.

"I got into an altercation with a friend. I walked over to his house and punched him to solve it," Knudsen said.

The teens sustained minor abrasions and lacerations, but did not require further medical attention, officers said.

The poor teens told cops the snowman must have melted and that they didn't do any damage.

I guess Frosty will be back again some day


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