Morgan Perry from Whitesboro was recently featured on a special episode of Swindell Vision. You can watch this heartfelt moment that she shares with Cole Swindell in this episode.

Morgan has recently lost her father. He passed away after trying to save someone out of a plane clash. On her way home from the hospital after he had passed, the first song that they heard was Cole Swindell's 'You Should Be Here'. This song now has a special place in Morgan's heart for her father.

Cole Swindell YouToube

Morgan and her mother were lucky enough to meet Cole and share their story with him. Morgan also wrote a brief letter to Cole about their situation and with a bracelet she made with her father's initials on it for him to wear during his show. Cole had also lost his father 3 years ago, so he can understand how Morgan was feeling.

Cole wore the bracelet proudly and even sent her a shout out right after he performed 'You Should Be Here' at his concert.

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