'Tis the season for Season's Greetings, and that may come in the form of Christmas cards. During the later half of the "Frog Days of Fall", many of you may be sending out those holiday greeting cards, or not. I remember when I was about 4 years old, my grandmother and mother sitting at the dining room table with a list of names and addresses of dozens of people that I never hear of. The reason? They were writing out their Christmas cards.

Today, things are much different. For one thing, way back then stamps cost about 5 cents, and now it's 44 cents to mail a standard letter or Christmas card. And, enter the digital world of e-mail. Many people today send out their holiday greetings through e-mail cards, and they come in all kinds from traditional to humorous.

It's still nice to get a Christmas card in the mail; one that you have to open and wonder who it came from. Then again, who has the time to write out all those names, addresses and little personal notes, not to mention the postage?

So, what do you prefer...mailed or e-mailed holiday cards?