Friday Favors this week had me at Christine's Styling Salon on River Road in Marcy.   Luckily for the customers I only had to dust, sweep up hair and answer the phone.   Had I been allowed to use scissors, customers may have left bald. 

While I was there, I realized a trip to the beauty salon is about more than just getting a hair cut.   If you listen to the customers around you, you'll hear their life story.  They talk about their kids, their husband or boyfriend and their job.  You can learn a lot about someone while they sit in a hairdressers chair, if you just listen.  And they get to walk out looking great and feeling even better for getting what they needed to off their chests.  It's almost like a therapy session, without the couch and therapist fees.  Maybe we should start tipping a little more

Thank you to Christine and Shelly for inviting me into their salon for Friday Favors.  If you need a favor or know someone who does, email me at