Chris Young is no stranger to reality TV having gotten a major career boost in 2006 by winning the "Nashville Star" competition. He does, however, see the difference between growing a career from the ground up and getting instant recognition from reality music competitions.

He sat down with Parade magazine for an interview and had this to say about reality TV versus reality.

“I think it’s definitely one of the avenues that’s become more prominent over the years. Whether you start from a TV show or you get your record deal from pounding the pavement in Nashville, there are pros and cons to both ways of doing it. It’s definitely a matter of what you do once you’re there on a record label because that’s really where a lot of the work starts.”

via Chris Young Talks New Album and Brad Paisley's

Penchant for Pranks.

One has to wonder how far some of yesterday less "telegenic" but incredibly talented artists would have gotten in the realm of reality TV.



Chris Young Explains Title of New Album, "A.M."

Chris Young is back on his feet-literally-and looking forward to the release on his new album "A.M." on September. Chris, who was hospitalized recently for a serious leg infection , explains that the title of the album has nothing to do with being an early bird. Chris spoke recently with CMT.