Chris Young is back on his feet--literally--and looking forward to the release on his new album "A.M." on September. Chris, who was hospitalized recently for a serious leg infection, explains that the title of the album has nothing to do with being an early bird.  Chris spoke recently with CMT.

"The reason that I named the record A.M. is not just because the title track is a party song where everything gets wilder and crazier in the a.m.," he said. "Everybody always says that nothing good happens after midnight -- and there's plenty of great stuff. There's life moments where it could be you're at a concert, and you run into someone, and there's instantly that love at first sight attraction to them. Moments like that really can change your life and shape your life, and I thought the title as a whole, A.M., just really encompassed what was on this record.

via CMT : News : Chris Young: Great Things Happen in A.M..

Chris has completely recovered and is back on the road with Brad Paisley. You can check out more of Chris's interview with CMT here.


Chris Young's Scary Leg Infection Was Caused by ... What?!

Chris Young had a pretty big health scare earlier this month, when an infection in his leg required quick surgery and for him to sit out a few tour dates. It was said to be some sort of bacterial issue, but the singer has revealed a very simple, surprising cause of the problem - one that many of his fans likely deal with on a daily basis.