Chris Young follows up his top 5 hit, "I Can Take It From There" with a new tune called, "Aw Naw."  And Trace Adkins when he's not busy with Celebrity Apprentice and breaking toes has a new release called, "Watch The World End."  Click to give them a listen and vote for your favorite.

Chris Young's new song, "Aw Naw," is the first off a new album due out sometime this summer.  His last CD, "Neon," produced 2 #1 hits and two other top 20 hits.  If you're wondering about the title, Aw Naw, here's the definition as described by Chris.

 1.       A phrase used to protest to an uncommonly stupid or ridiculous comment.

2.       A phrase used to emphasize disbelief or incredibility; as in when one can’t believe something just said, seen, heard, or otherwise experienced

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"Watch The World End" will be on Trace Adkins' 11th album due out May 14.  mThe CD will be called "Love Will..." The song is a duet with pop singer, Colbie Caillat.  This may be Trace's 1st duet.  He did Hillbilly Bone with Blake Shelton, but that is credited as a Blake song.