If you have a pet you know that at one time or another they will swallow something valuable. Usually you only have to wait until Fido or Mr. Whiskers has a bowel movement to retrieve the item. Not so when your pet is a chicken. Why so?

The Telegraph reports that Clare Lennon's pet chicken Sarah took a peck at her earlobe and nabbed a $600 diamond earring. Painful? Yes, but not as painful as the news that it would take some time--a long, long time--before she would get it back. The gem is stuck in the bird's gizzard.

Miss Lennon said: "The vet said he could operate to recover the earring, but that might kill Sarah, which would devastate our six-year-old daughter Mia, who dotes on the chicken. "So we'll have to wait till Sarah gets old and dies, but they live to a ripe old age – we are probably looking at another eight years before I get my earring back."

via Woman forced to wait eight years to retrieve diamond earring swallowed by chicken - Telegraph.

I guess you could say that Miss Lennon is the victim of some bad cluck...I mean luck!




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