Anyone who has ever been to a country concert has probably seen one or two drunk people either unable to walk straight or fighting. At a recent Keith Urban concert, there was a little more than one or two drunk people!

According to a Washington Post article,

Alcohol played a big factor in the chaos that marked the end of a Keith Urban country music concert in Massachusetts, as police arrested at least 50 and area hospitals treated dozens.

The article goes on to talk about how at the end of the concert there was a "convoy" of ambulances and emergency vehicles. Most of these arrests and medical treatments were alcohol-related.

Keith must have known what was going on because he released a YouTube video message right after the concert:

There may have been about 100 people arrested or treated in hospitals, but the rest of the nearly 18,000 people had a blast! Sometimes you really have to wonder why people would allow themselves to get so drunk that it becomes a problem.