To say things got out of control after the Cortland/Ithaca 'Cortaca Jug' game is an understatement. Thousands of students filled the streets at SUNY Cortland, causing chaos. State police were even called in to help control the crowd. Debris filled the streets, a car was flipped over and several students were arrested.

SUNY Cortland President Eric Bitterbaum issued an apology.

"The annual Cortaca game is a time-honored athletic tradition that SUNY Cortland and its alumni take great pride in," Bitterbaum said. "Unfortunately, as we all saw Saturday, the athletic contest has become secondary to the celebration for some students, guests and visitors to the community. As an institution dedicated to academic and athletic excellence we are determined to turn this destructive culture around."

With today's technology, students took plenty of pictures and video of the weekend chaos and after seeing it, all I could think was, I'm glad my daughter doesn't go to SUNY Cortland.







The chaos may have ended the 50 year 'Cortaca Jug' tradition. According to, officials are considering cancelling next year's game.

Do you think 'Cortaca Jug' game should be cancelled after this weekend's chaos?