We in the Greg Splashin' McShea household are dog lovers, and this is National Dog Week. Whether you have a pure bred or a mutt, you have to admit that dogs love us unconditionally - no matter how bad that day was at work, your dog can't wait to see you when you get home.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

According to pet columnist Dr. Jeff Nichols of  the Albuquerque Journal, there are some personality traits we associate with different dog breeds. For example,

Dalmation- This dog enjoys hanging out with firefighters and is a born hero, and you will be as well.

Beagle - Charlie Brown has a beagle and is a sensitive underdog, and you as a beagle owner can be seen this way too.

Greyhound - If you own one, you like busses (just kidding). As this dog's owner you are perceived as sleek and dynamic.

Labrador Retriever - Labs are playful and hardworking, just like their owners.

Mutt - This dog is unique and unlike any other, truly one of a kind, like its owner.