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Plane Crash Caught on Tape [VIDEO]
A civilian cargo plane crashed at Bagram Air Field north of Kabul in Afghanistan.  Seven people were killed, four pilots, two mechanics and a load master. One of the victims has been identified as Brad Hasler, a father of two whose wife is pregnant, from Michigan.
A Meteor Lit Up the Sky in Argentina [VIDEOS]
A meteor lit up the sky in Argentina Sunday, and there are a bunch of different videos of it. It happened in the middle of the night, but it was so bright it looked like daytime for a split second.
Today Is Earth Day
Today is "Earth Day", a day when we recognize that we live on a fragile planet that needs our efforts to preserve it. Traditionally on this day, many local groups and individuals put forth efforts to help clean up parks, streets, creeks and streams from picking up litter to recycli…
Prince William Shot Down By Four Year Old Girl [VIDEO]
While visiting Scotland PRINCE WILLIAM was dissed, by a four year old little girl. He and Kate Middleton were shaking hands with locals when William got shot down by a four-year-old girl he THOUGHT wanted a kiss from him. He asked if she wanted a kiss, but she yanked her head away right when he lean…
Cute Animals Disrupt Sporting Events [VIDEO]
We all love cute, cuddly animals but sometimes they just show up in the wrong place. Last weekend a marten, similar to a ferret with very sharp teeth, interrupted a soccer game in Switzerland . Trying to catch it served problematic and painful especially for one of the bare handed players. Check out…
Amazing Video of Fire Raining Down on the Sun
NASA has released amazing video of the aftermath of a solar flare showing coronal rain, which looks like fire raining down on the Sun. The video was captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory in July and released earlier this week.
Thieves Make Off With $50 Million In Diamond Heist
In a story that sounds like it belongs in Hollywood, thieves cut through a fence and drove onto an airport in Belgium to steal over $50 million in diamonds. The thieves were dressed in police uniforms and carrying submachine guns as they held up a pilot and security officials to steal the gems.

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