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Violin From Titanic Sells For $1.5 Million
I have always been fascinated by anything about the Titanic. Whether it's books, TV documentaries or whatever. Now, there's a report that a violin which was played on the sinking ship that was recovered has been sold.
Swedish Man Hit With Astounding Speeding Ticket Fine
Swedish multi-millionaire Anders Wiklof was driving a little too fast. Wilkof, a business man in his native Sweden, was pulled over in neighboring Finland for driving 48 in a 30 MPH zone. He expected a ticket and a fine but was shocked to find out how much it would cost him.
Scientists Discover A New Planet Without A Sun
I am always curious about the stars, planets and space.  We all know that planets revolve around a sun, no matter where they are in the universe. Now, scientists have discovered a lonely planet that has no sun, it's just hanging out up there.
Australians Know How To Solve A Government Shutdown
The government shutdown continues in Washington with neither side showing much willingness to find an answer. A government shutdown is not unheard of in other countries but the solution to one in Australia in 1975 may be a blueprint as to how we may approach ours in the future.
The Royal Baby is Here
The wait is over.  The royal baby is here and it's a boy.  Kate Middleton gave birth at 4:24 local time in London to a 8.6 pound baby. Since it was dark, instead of the official announcement outside Buckingham Palace, the news broke, as most news does now a days, on social media.

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