5 Winter Items You Should Have Left in Your Vehicle [VIDEO]
Mother Nature played the ultimate April Fools prank on Central New York. Just because it was near 70 degrees and sunny on Easter, doesn't mean Winter is ever over here in the Mohawk Valley. If you were premature to welcome Spring you may have taken these five important items out of your ve…
Spring Snow in Central New York [VIDEO]
It was a mild Winter for Central New York so it would only make sense we'd see snow in Spring. Early forecasts called for afternoon rain but some areas saw flakes, including Clinton. Did you see snow?
Did a Tornado Touch Down in Rome New York [PHOTOS]
UPDATE: Eyewitness New meteorologist Rachel Witter says 'straight line winds, not a tornado,' caused all the damage.
Did a tornado touch down in Rome, New York? A rare winter storm brought thunder, lightening and strong winds to Central New York. A picture taken on Hanger Road by …

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