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The Biggest Game Of Tetris Ever Played [VIDEO]
As part of Philly's Tech Week, a celebration of awesome new technologies, a Drexel University professor name Frank Lee and Tetris game designers played the biggest game of Tetris ever! They played the classic arcade game on a 29-story building right in Philadelphia...
The Perfect App For Utica On Tap
With over 95 different beers available to sample at this weekend's Utica On Tap, how will you keep track of the ones you like and dislike? If you have a smart phone, no problem!
New App Replaces Paper Checks
Many people pay their bills online and use debit cards for purchases. Now a new app for Apple and Android devices is eliminating the use of checks for personal person to person transactions. Starting today, you will be able to email cash directly from your debit card to someone  else's wit…
“Nano Utica”-Area’s Next “Loom-To-Boom” Era?
The "Nano Utica" announcement Thursday has given rise to much excitement among area officials and business owners. As reported by WIBX 950, the development of "Nano Utica" will bring an investment of some $1.5 billion dollars and 1000 jobs to the Mohawk Valley and…
Kids Get iPads For Classroom and Play Video Games Instead
Educators in Los Angeles thought it was a great idea to give students iPads to help with their classroom work. What they didn't realize is how savvy those kids were. It didn't take long for some students to hack the codes and start using the devices for things other than classroom work.

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