Working at Tin Rooster is More Than Just a Job [Advertorial]
Working at Turning Stone's Tin Rooster at Exit 33 is more than a job for the employees.  It's a family. Before every shift the staff sits down for a 'family meal.'  'It's just one way to bring everyone together', says Chef Joseph, the man who is the fathe…
Tin Rooster Serves Up Best Southern Style Food in CNY [ADVERTORIAL]
If you're looking for authentic Southern Style BBQ, without having to travel to the south, Tin Rooster at Turning Stone's Exit 33 is the place to go.  From fried green tomatoes and corn bread to pulled pork and beef ribs; each dish is prepared from scratch, in a smoker, including the chicken wings a…
Keith Urban ‘Fuse’ Album Review
Keith Urban promised fans his new album 'Fuse' would have a 'Little Bit of Everything' and sound a little different. 'Fuse' is not only different, but one of Keith's best albums in years.  There are collaborations with Miranda Lambert and Eric Church, along with a number of other great songs you can…
Luke Bryan, ‘Crash My Party’ – Album Review
Luke Bryan plays it safe on 'Crash My Party,' his new album and the follow-up to the tremendously successful 'Tailgates and Tanlines.' With the exception of the infusion of hip-hop on two songs, there is little to differentiate the two projects.
Kenny Chesney, ‘Life on a Rock’ – Album Review
Kenny Chesney's 'Life on a Rock' album is as revealing of a record as 'Be as You Are' -- more so in some ways. The songwriting isn't as sharp as the 2005 project (the most closely comparable to 'Life on a Rock' in style and substance), but the experiences are …
Tate Stevens, ‘Tate Stevens’ – Album Review
The debut effort from Tate Stevens is about as straight-forward of a country album as you'll find. 'Tate Stevens' is an end cap-at-Walmart sort of record that proves the 'X Factor' winner can compete with the big names in Nashville.

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