Does Keith Urban Look Better With Short or Long Hair [POLL]
Remember when Keith Urban cut his hair? Before the start of American Idol season last year, Keith cut his long locks to the dismay of many fans. This Idol season, he's grown it all back, which sparks the questions: Do you prefer Keith's short do or long locks?
Toys R Us Pulling Breaking Bad Toys
Toys R Us has caved to public pressure to stop selling 'Breaking Bad' action figures. They were pulled after a Florida mom's petition saw more than 9000 signatures.
Tim McGraw Releases New Song – ‘Shotgun Rider’ [AUDIO]
It's pretty standard practice for a country artist to release the first song from a new album before the disc is in stores. It's not even unusual for a popular artist to have two songs from the album out before it's on shelves. But Tim McGraw is even exceeding that feat. Click to list…

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