Farm Hands – Polly Breaks Cow Milking Record
The latest 'Farm Hands' took us to Angell's Dairy Farm near Durhamville.  A 6 generation family farm that has the honor of being a Dairy of Distinction Farm and not that we're experienced dairy farmers, they showed us some things we had never seen.
Farm Hands – Lucky the Horse Farts in Polly’s Face
The latest 'Farm Hands' took us to Wilde Wind Farm in Deerfield. A farm we thought was full of cows. Turned out it was horses and I said I'd never go to a horse farm again. It's hard work! I was breathing heavy within 15 minutes.
Mud Run Kicks Polly’s Butt
A mud run sounds like fun right? Plus it's for a good cause, so why not? Because you're not 20 and you never exercise. That's why.
Ways Parents Embarrass Kids Changing
Embarrassing your kids is part of being a parent. It's just one of the perks. But how we embarrass our kids has changed over the years with social media.
Signs of Spring in Central New York
Its Spring on the calendar but Winter lingers in central New York, especially after Stella hammered the region. Despite the snowbanks, there are ways to tell the season has arrived. Here's 6 signs Spring is popping up in central New York.

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