The Trucks of Frogfest 29
Every year FrogFest has no shortage of awesome trucks. Check out or FrogFest 29 truck photos and see if we got a picture of your truck on camera.
Farm Hands – Polly Breaks Cow Milking Record
The latest 'Farm Hands' took us to Angell's Dairy Farm near Durhamville.  A 6 generation family farm that has the honor of being a Dairy of Distinction Farm and not that we're experienced dairy farmers, they showed us some things we had never seen.
Farm Hands – Lucky the Horse Farts in Polly’s Face
The latest 'Farm Hands' took us to Wilde Wind Farm in Deerfield. A farm we thought was full of cows. Turned out it was horses and I said I'd never go to a horse farm again. It's hard work! I was breathing heavy within 15 minutes.

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