Border Collies The Smartest Breed of Dogs
If you ask a dog owner what breed of dog is the smartest odds are they will say theirs. All  dogs have a certain degree of smarts but which ones are the most intelligent. Yahoo Shine asked the people at the American Kennel Society for their opinions.
Cat and Mouse Best Buddies [VIDEO]
Does anyone (besides me) remember the old "Tom and Jerry" cartoons? Tom, the cat, tried everything he could think of to catch Jerry, the mouse, so he could enjoy a flavorful morsel of his favorite food. Not all cats, however, look at mice as something to be eaten witness this best …
Carrie Underwood Opens Twitter Account For Her Dogs
You would think Carrie Underwood would be too busy to do something like this. Carrie and hubby Mike Fisher have opened a Twitter account for their dogs Ace and complete with pictures and captions of the pooches in action. Check out the hilarious tweets.
What Snoring Animals Sound Like [VIDEO]
We've all been subjected to human snoring at one time or another. A sleeping mate can keep you from getting a good nights sleep but how about a sleeping animal . Check out this video of animals--everything elephants to hummingbirds--"sawing wood" in their sleep.

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