11 Dogs Having Their Own Pool Parties
Today marks the official kick off to summer, which means pool season is in full swing. Few things are better than cannonballing into a pool when it's hot and sticky outside, and we've found a group of pups who seem to agree.
Mother Cat Nurses Orphaned Pit Bull Pup [VIDEO]
Cats and dogs sometimes get along, sometimes don't but a mother's love--in this case a mother cat--transcends all boundaries. MSN reports a heart warming story out of Cleveland, Ohio, where an orphaned week old pit bull puppy was given a gift of nourishment from an unlikely source. Check o…
All Cats Love Boxes, Even Big Ones [VIDEO]
I know our two cats Fenway and Parker (yes, we're Red Sox fans) love boxes. Anytime we bring home something that comes in a box it's just a matter of minutes before one or the other climbs in-or at least tries to-and makes themselves comfortable. Maybe they'll just lie on it or scratch at it or chew…
Talking Dog Teased By Owner [VIDEO]
Talking animal video's seem to pop up on an almost daily basis so it's not surprising that some of them slip our notice. Such was the case of this pooch being teased by its owner about--what else--food.
Cute Animals Disrupt Sporting Events [VIDEO]
We all love cute, cuddly animals but sometimes they just show up in the wrong place. Last weekend a marten, similar to a ferret with very sharp teeth, interrupted a soccer game in Switzerland . Trying to catch it served problematic and painful especially for one of the bare handed players. Check out…

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