A Beautiful Tribute From A Dog To His Owner [VIDEO]
Last year a photo made the rounds of a man, John Unger, cradling his ailing dog, Schoep, in the waters of Lake Michigan. The photo touched people around the world resulting in numerous donations that allowed Schoep to receive the treatment he needed. Schoep died last month at age 20 and now, accordi…
Dog Adopts, Nurses Kitten [VIDEO]
Dogs and cats get along most of the time. However a stray dog in South Carolina went above and beyond "getting along" in adopting and even nursing a small kitten. The heart tugging story began when an animal control officer came across a small Shih-Tzu mix dog in a tangle of bushes…
When It’s Time To Change the Litter Box
I hope your day starts better than mine.  Imagine, it's 4am and the house is dark, as you leave for work.  You have your coffee, or whatever you drink at that ungodly hour, and your cell phone.  You just need to put on your shoes and grab the keys.  As you head in your bare …
Dogs Going Crazy Welcoming Returning Soldiers [VIDEO]
We've all seen those heart-warming video's of kids and other family members being surprised by a returning service member. Humans aren't the only ones overjoyed at seeing a loved one as these great video clips of dogs welcoming home their warrior owners. Grab a tissue.

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