Best and Worst Halloween Candies For Kids Teeth
Halloween candy is something every kid looks forward to but how about their parents. They're the ones who have to pay the dental bills after all that candy is consumed. Here are some candies that are better for the kid's teeth and some that are worse.
‘USA TODAY’ Costs Twice As Much Today
One of my favorite Friday pastimes is picking up the weekend edition of "USA TODAY" for leisurely weekend reading. I love USA TODAY...the pie charts, colorful USA weather map, the page with stories from all 50 states, the sports...yata, yata, yata. And today when I went to pay for it, the …
The Meaning of Common Nightmares
Just about everyone has had a nightmare. From bogey-men under the bed when we were kids to being trapped or drowning, these middle of the night bad dreams all have meaning. There are several common nightmares.
Matt’s Top 5 Father-Daughter Dance Songs [VIDEOS]
At one time, many years ago, I did wedding DJ work and found one of the most touching moments to be the traditional father-daughter dance. Sometimes the bride would request a special song but more often than not it was up to me to select one that she and her dad would take the dance floor to. Here a…
October Weather Predictions
I have one question: "Where did September go"? It flew by! With October here, let's take a look at how the weather will shape up for this new month.
Items You Should Always Have In Your Car
At one time or another we have all had a car problem while on the road. Those are the times we usually say, "I wish I had a flashlight" or "I should have a tool kit in the glove box". Actually there are a number of items that we should all have in our vehicles. Se…
Pizza Survey Show Mushrooms Catching Up With Pepperoni
Pizza has become a staple in many American's diet and a new survey by travel website Zaget shows that pizza is more popular than ever and that mushrooms have caught up with pepperoni as the most requested topping. There were some other interesting pizza facts.
Tattoos Becoming More Common
It used to be that only men had tattoos and most of them seemed to have gotten them in the service. Now, more and more men--and women--are getting inked and, according to the New York Times, the majority of those getting inked are happy with their decision. There are a couple of downsides however.
Fall Vacation Ideas – Here And There
Maybe you've got a little vacation time left and looking to take a fall getaway. I usually like to hold some vacation days for Christmas time, and maybe you do as well, but what about now? Here are some fall vacation ideas you might want to consider.
Best Free (Or Real Cheap) iPhone Apps For Kids
Keeping the kids occupied while you go about your shopping or on road trips can be a challenge, an even bigger challenge if you want them to be learning at the same time. Parenting.com has come up with a list of cool iPhone apps for kids that are free or really cheap that they say will keep your kid…
Best Foods To Eat While You Are Driving
Texting while driving? A no-no. Using a cell phone while driving? Dangerous. But how about eating while driving. While there is no law against it--so far--there are some foods that are safer than others to consume while behind the wheel. Which ones?

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