Top Signs Of An Abusive Relationship
When we think of domestic abuse what usually comes to mind is physical violence, the kind alluded to in such songs as "The Thunder Rolls" by Garth Brooks and "Independence Day" by Martina McBride. While physical abuse is an important element of an abusive relation…
NHL Legend Says Fighting Belongs in Hockey
The Utica Comets open the home portion of their 2013-14 season tonight before a sell-out crowd at the Utica Aud and while most fans will be looking forward to fast paced hockey game and a Comet win many will be hoping to also see a fight or two. NHL legend and Hall of Famer Booby Orr says that fight…
Fun-Filled Fall Weekend At Utica College
Just a brief recap on my Utica College "Homecoming Alumni And Family Weekend"- it was a fun-filled fall weekend. Even though the Utica College Pioneers lost to Ithaca College in last Saturday's football game(a close one, 26 - 21 final score), it was just such a rewarding experience enjoyin…
Why the Boston Red Sox Will Win the World Series
The clock refuses to strike midnight for the Boston Red Sox. Having concluded a magical "worst-to-first" regular season the Red Sox have dispatched the Tampa Rays and the Detroit Tigers to advance to the World Series for the 3rd time in ten years. There are a number of reasons why my wife …
A New Brew Discovery For Octoberfest
If you're one who appreciates quality beer, you've probably already discovered a number of fine craft-brewed Octoberfest brews, with Saranac at the top of the list. But, I discovered another great Octoberfest lager that you may want to try.
Myths About Men
Women who think they know it all about men are in for a surprise. Just as men seem, at times, clueless about women so are the gals when it comes to knowing their guys. How so?
What Happens When You Turn 40?
Birthdays with a zero at the end of them are usually thought of as life-stage benchmarks, especially when you hit 30, 40, 50 and 60. Someone I work with--who may or may not be named Polly Wogg--recently turned 40 and probably experienced a few of the following.
It’s National Pet Peeve Week
Among other things, this is "National Pet Peeve Week", according to holidayinsights.com. Can you imagine, a whole week dedicated to people's complaints? Check out what some of those pet peeves are.
Border Collies The Smartest Breed of Dogs
If you ask a dog owner what breed of dog is the smartest odds are they will say theirs. All  dogs have a certain degree of smarts but which ones are the most intelligent. Yahoo Shine asked the people at the American Kennel Society for their opinions.

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