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Catskills Makes List Of Best Fall Foliage Trips
Here in New York, fall is almost here. If you're looking for beautiful colors, you don't always need to head North from Central New York. Head down to the Catskills. Recently, the region made a list of the best fall foliage trips in America.
Delicious Hangover Cure Coming to the New York State Fair
What some call their Sunday morning drink of choice is the classic Bloody Mary. Usually the need for this beverage is a result of a rowdy weekend. Well, how about giving this popular cocktail a new twist at this years Great New York State Fair? If you love this breakfast of booze, then you need to s…
Do You Recognize This Beautiful Central New York Lake?
There is no question that New York State has some of the best lakes in the entire country. Whether it be as far north as the Adirondacks, or right in our own backyard there is no shortage of swimming, fishing, or boating destinations to enjoy. One of the best hidden gems sits tucked away in Syracuse…
New York Firefighters Stand Behind Arlington After Flag Compromise
The flag flies again at the Arlington Fire Department. Fire commissioners came to a compromise after firefighter were ordered to remove the flags from their trucks, causing national outcry. The department can now fly ONE flag on ONE truck, but many still aren't happy with the decision...

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