Driving Away With Stuff On Top Of Your Car
I did it again yesterday. Apparently I never learn. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee to go and when I went out to my car I put it on the roof while I adjusted a couple of things on the front seat. Then I got in and drove off. With the coffee still on the roof. The result?
The Family That Eats Together
Maybe we're spending more time indoors at dinner time during winter, as it's cold outside and still dark at that time. But, even it weather isn't a factor, apparently we Americans are spending more time together around the dinner table at meal time.
Turning a Kitchen Into a Musical Instrument [VIDEO]
So, if I said to you, "Turn your kitchen into a musical instrument," what would you do? My first thought would be to revert to my toddler years and hit a spoon against a frying pan to make a drum-like sound. But, not this guy in the video. He goes one step further than just hitting a spoon…
What’s In Your Cars Glove Compartment?
It is probably one of the most mis-named parts of your car. The glove compartment. How many people actually store their gloves in the glove compartment? My money is on "not many". But what do people keep in their, ahem, glove compartment?
More Monday Comic Relief
Even though today may be a day off for many, it's a work day for some. And I think that we definitely need some comic relief for this first Monday of the new year. Who better to do that, than Jay Leno.
Josh Turner Doesn’t Envy Scotty McCreery
When we first met ‘American Idol‘ Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery just under a year ago, he sang Josh Turner‘s ‘Your Man’ a capella for the judges and was upstreamed to the next round. McCreery has not concealed the fact that he admires Turner and that he ultimately hopes to emulate Turner’s career…
Big Frog 104 Playlist – January 2012 Top Songs
Last month's number one song from David Nail slipped to number four while Jason Aldean's inked-up 'Tattoos on this Town' claimed the top spot. Elsewhere on our survey, a new season of American Idol gets underway this month just as last year's Idol champ, Scotty McCreery, ma…
Dolly Parton Looking to Tell Her Story on Broadway
Dolly Parton has the perfect topic for her next try at a Broadway musical: herself. The singer, songwriter and star of the upcoming ‘Joyful Noise’ movie says she’d love to make her personal story of determination and success into a musical, and has even begun to…

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