Breastfeeding Military Moms Photo Goes Viral
When Tara Ruby was in the military, there weren't options for breastfeeding moms. At Fort Bliss in Texas, those options now include new nursing rooms. Ruby showed her support of the change by posting a photo on Facebook of breastfeeding military moms and it's gone viral, being shared thous…
Creative PTA Letter Lets Parents Off The Hook From Fundraising
If you have a child in school you've probably made cupcakes or cookies for a bake sale, sold wrapping paper or chocolate bars to your family and co-workers, or ran, walked or swam in a 'thon.' One school in Texas is letting parents off the hook from all fundraising activities in hilar…
Diners Leave ‘LOL’ Instead of Tip
We've all had a bad experience or two, while dining out. Is the waitress to blame or the cook? Diners at one restaurant not only blamed their waitress for the hour wait to eat, but left her a 'LOL' instead of a tip.
Canadians Stunned By Snow in August [PHOTOS]
You've heard of Christmas in July, but snow in August? It happened in the Canadian province of Alberta. Although most of the snow melted, the fact it was falling in August wasn't a happy site for most.
Rochester Shooting Leaves Three Dead
Several media reports are indicating three people are dead and four others injured at a shooting at around 11:20 p.m. August 19 near the Boys and Girls Club on Genesee Street in Rochester.
Police Chief Michael Ciminelli told reporters seven people were shot while a basketball game was going on i…

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