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NFL Player Asks Cancer Patient to Prom [Video]
Sen'Derrick Marks is a defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars and recently he visited 18-year-old Khameyea Jennings, who has been diagnosed with cancer. While on his visit he made the young girls dreams come true when he asked her to prom!
Avoid Being Scammed When Making Donations Following A Disaster
The devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal brought widespread death and destruction.  Unfortunately it also brings out the unscrupulous people who will be taking advantage of those that want to help.  The Better Business Bureau offers some tips on making sure your donation reach the…
Returning Soldier Surprises Son on School Picture Day [Video]
Do you remember what school picture day was like? There were many hours spent making the right wardrobe decision and even more time was spent practicing your smile in the mirror. No matter how well you think you posed for the photo, it usually ended up pretty bad. For one third grader in North Carol…

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