Ian Ziering, Tara Reid Return For Sharknado 3
'Sharknado's' resident hero and 'shero,' Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will be back for thirds. SyFy has confirmed the two have signed on to tackle more airborne sharks as Fin and April in Sharknado 3 this summer and fans are excited.
If Frozen Characters Were Country Stars [PHOTOS]
I finally got a chance to watch the popular Disney movie 'Frozen' over the holidays. There were no kids in the room. It was just me, enjoying a cartoon. At times it didn't even seem like animation. If the movie were real, who would play the characters? Which country stars could portra…
Another ‘Rocky’ Movie Coming in 2015 [POLL]
Hey, Hey Rocko, there's another movie on the way.  The film series that began in 1976, will have a 7th installment coming in the new year.  As of now, it would be the first not to have Rocky as part of the title.  It's tentative title is, "Creed."  Cli…

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