Boyfriend Cheating Prank Backfires [VIDEO]
Karma can bite you in the behind.  This boyfriend decided to prank his girlfriend while on their 5th anniversary in Aruba. Little did he know, she realized something was up and decided to prank him back.
Brian Cranston’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Alternate Ending [VIDEO]
Was 'Breaking Bad' just a bad dream?  Bryan Cranston is back in an 'alternate ending' that is expected to turn up in the upcoming DVD package. The video reveals the whole 'Breaking Bad' saga was just a nightmare dreamed up by Cranston's 'Malcolm in the Mi…
Texas Police Chase Down Runaway Kangaroo [VIDEO]
It's a police chase you don't see everyday, at least not in the United States, and probably one you won't see on "Cops". Police in Midland,Texas were called last Tuesday by a resident who said his pet kangaroo had gotten away. Shortly thereafter the runaway 'roo…
Signs That You May Be A Real Life “Charlie Brown”
Good grief! It seems like every time you go to kick the football of life someone pulls the ball away and you land on your back. Does this sound familiar. It did to  "Charlie Brown" and now there is a way for you to determine if you are a real life version of the famed Charles …

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